Present Moment Living

July 28, 2019by Candace Burkart0
It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, the negativity, all the work that’s piling up either in our career or our own personal life. I know for myself I can be sitting enjoying my morning coffee not a care in the world, not a thought in sight, listening to the birds or my dog snoring when all of a sudden BANG it’s like the world has come crashing down. It starts with oh I should do some weeding today, oh right and there is some laundry that should get done, oh frick I did I pay that water bill??? (You get the picture) With each thought my chest starts to tighten, my mind starts racing and then without any notice I’m stressed, panicking and running around getting upset at the most ridiculous things over a few SIMPLE thoughts.
Why does this happen? Well for one reason it’s because we as a society/generation whatever you would like to call us we do not live in the present moment. We have come to expect immediate results and gratification and when we don’t get what we want immediately well we are off trying to figure out how we can do that. It’s a continuous rat race, running around in circles as if we are a hamster running on it’s wheel. At no point do we ever go HUH well maybe it was meant to be this way, maybe we should just sit and enjoy this moment. This is called our EGO and it’s a nasty little bugger that won’t stop because it will never be satisfied.
Our ego’s job is to dangle a carrot in front of our nose to guide us down a path to achieve a goal and when we achieve that goal GREAT! But not great because within minutes our ego is hungry for more and it doesn’t want to stop. It’s like an unmedicated person with ADHD as long as they are on a path that they will achieve a goal then they are happy, once they are off that path BANG they are onto something else.
So how do we stop this vicious circle? Well I personally use grounding techniques. Here are a couple of my personal favourites.
Spend time each day just sitting and taking in life no electronics just sit and listen to the birds, hold your cup while smelling your coffee, etc.
Run your hands under or splash your face with cold water
Walk barefoot in the grass outside (obviously if weather permits)
Remind yourself who you are and say it out load 4-5 times
Go for a walk and notice the trees, the flowers, the wind, the air, the snow, whatever the season notice things around you.
Breathe! Take a nice deep inhale, hold and then exhale – do this a few times.

Candace Burkart