March 27, 2020

In each of my Distance BodyTalk sessions this week there has been a consistent issue for each of my clients. Each client in one way or another has been feeling unmotivated, easily distracted, exhausted, etc. Normally this isn’t an issue – however during these uncertain times the collective energy grid that we all share and are all apart of is heavy.
The collective grid is everything we see, smell, touch, hear and feel. It’s the shared consciousness of creation from which all of us contribute to. The collective grid is all around, below, and above us. As we feel and talk we impact the collective grid.
When we are talking and feeling positive this is a higher vibration which impacts the collective grid and brings it higher. This is why when you are around a positive person, even if you are in a bad mood, it’s easier for you to become happier.
However, when we are feeling and talking negative, like the continuous news feeds, ads, etc of Covid-19, this impacts the collective grid and brings it lower.
Normally higher vibrations have a stronger impact on the grid than lower vibrations do. Love is the stronger vibration and Fear is the weakest vibration. However, when you have more Fear than Love – well that’s when the instability happens.
Here are a few ways to increase the positive energy:
– Go for walk outside and leave your phone at home
– Crank the music and dance like you don’t care
– Meditate or sit in stillness
– Limit your social media time – set a timer so you don’t lose track of time scrolling
– Turn off the news – we all know that shit has hit the fan why are we subjecting ourselves to anymore negative
Give one or all of these a try and comment below on which one helped you the most.

August 20, 2019

Each Sunday evening at supper we go around the table and talk about our Hi’s and Lo’s for the week. This has been a tradition for many years and I believe is one of the reasons why we have such a close relationship with Goob even when the times weren’t so great. You know teenagers sometimes think they KNOW IT ALL!!!

Anyways Sunday night we were doing Hi/Lo and Goob always goes first, but just as we ended he comes back and says I have one more Hi – the BodyTalk session you did on me this afternoon it really helped with how I have been feeling lately. He continued to say that he has been feeling different lately and just couldn’t figure out what was going on. The BodyTalk session brought up a few emotional aspects that were directly linked to areas of his body that were causing him some discomfort and now he’s feeling like a million bucks!

I knew something was a little off but like any good momma to a teenager you let it go until they are ready to talk about it because well we all know how that all goes when you push!

I’m proud that he listens to his inner self and doesn’t just stuff it down and hope it doesn’t come back up like most of us do – ME INCLUDED for far too many years!

I’m thankful that I’ve added BodyTalk to my families tool kit as it’s a wonderful addition to the already amazing things we do already.


Isn’t it time you added BodyTalk to your tool kit for overall health and well-being??!!

June 7, 2019

June is a very special month for me – not only are we coming to the end of another school year but the days are longer and the weather is perfect for sitting outside with family and friends enjoying a nice cool beverage. Yes these are all wonderful things that I enjoy however June is extremely special for me because that is when I decided enough was enough and I start my healing journey not realizing where it would take me.

In one year I have gone off anti-depressants, become more aware of stagnate habits and beliefs that were a direct cause of many physical issues I was having, I have a stronger and more meaningful relationship with my husband and son, I wake up each morning with a more clear vision on life, plus I became a certified BodyTalk practitioner so I am to give back and help others with their healing journey just to name a few. How amazing is all of that!!!

In celebration of all of this I am paying it forward!! From now until June 30, 2019 I am offering all BodyTalk, Lymphatic Drainage and Access Bar sessions for only $25 per modality session.

Are you ready to take that next step???

April 7, 2019

As most of you know I suffer from severally herniated discs in my lower back and neck and with the help of the amazing Frederick Family Chiropractic Centre and many other things I have been able to avoid surgery. 💪💪💪

Anyways this morning my lower back started tightening up on me to the point of UH OH if I make the wrong move I’m going to drop like a sack of potatoes. Not wanting to bug my chiropractors on a Sunday I decided to give a little BodyTalk technique called Fast Aid a try.

After 10 mins of doing this technique my back muscles loosened and I was able to move freely. I then did a few extra techniques and I’m now good to go until I am able to get in to see my chiropractors without any worry of injuring myself where I can’t move or worse TEACH my FITNESS CLASSES!

Love being a BodyTalk practitioner and seeing first hand what this amazing modality can do!