April 4, 2019

Part of my healing process I have been doing guided meditation each morning (well trying to do meditation).  If you are like me and you have a super hard time shutting off your brain you’ll understand why I say TRYING.  🤣  

A couple of tips that I have learnt along the way.  

1.  Don’t plan on meditating for any length of time start with 5-10 mins and increase from there.

2.  Make sure you use headphones/ear buds they are very helpful to keep your mind focused.

3.  VERY IMPORTANT – pick a spot in your home (not your bed or bedroom) and make it your own Zen/meditation area.  The reason behind this is so you are happy to go there and sit.  My spot is in my “Healing Room” where I do my BodyTalk sessions because well I love that room and what it stands for.  Anyways I purchased a couple of throw pills so this way I can put them off to the side after I’m done.  Some of you may have an area where you can keep it set up but that’s not me.  

4. IMPORTANT!  Set everything up the night before.  

Take a few minutes to set everything up (ie: phone, laptop what ever you are going to use for the video).  I also put my throw pills on the floor, fill a cup with water and some lemon juice I put in the microwave so all I have to do is press start in the morning.  

5.  Morning – RISE, PEE, MEDITATE!  

Every morning I have my alarm set for 5 am and then another one for 5:05 am.  I get up, press start on the microwave, pee, and then go sit in my room and get comfy while drinking my hot lemon water.  It takes me about 3-4 minutes to get comfy.