2019 April

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April 23, 2019

Have you ever picked up a book and just can’t put it down?!?!?!  That’s the way I was with my latest book “You can heal your life.” by Louise Hay. 

Since I started taking BodyTalk courses I’ve been guided towards this book MANY MANY times during certain conversations, books, other courses etc.  So I finally decided to start reading it – now let me be very honest I usually start a book read a chapter or two and then put it down until I feel the urge to start reading it again.  Heck I usually have 3-4 books going at one time because none them are really what I need at that time. 

Anyways, so I decide to start reading this book thinking it will be yet another one on my headboard waiting to be finished.  To my surprise I honestly couldn’t put it down the information that is provided is invaluable.  It is a self help book but Louise Hay puts everything in simple yet practical real life experiences that really hit home.  There are exercises throughout the chapters to help you with each area that she is discussing.  I haven’t done any of the exercises as Louise mentions in the very beginning of the book to read it first and then do the exercises as you are reading the book again.  My plan is to buy it as an audiobook so I can listen to it and the exercises – I find sometimes listening can give me a different perspective.

As a BodyTalk practitioner and also someone on a spiritual healing path I found this book to be a wealth of knowledge.  Our thoughts and beliefs cause unnecessary pain, strain and heart aches on our body, mind and spirit which in turn can cause dis-ease.  We spend so much time and energy on making sure everyone else is taken care of and looking at the negative or the glass half full that we forget who we really are and that we do really matter.  In this book Louise puts this, YOU, front and centre so that we can reclaim ourselves and heal in a more natural way. 

April 20, 2019

Even though it’s Easter Break this week I still make sure I meal plan.  I find it’s harder to keep on track when we have days off because we get busy in the yard and all of a sudden CRAP it’s supper time and I haven’t even taken anything out.  This way it limits the unhealthy meal choices. 

Monday:  Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Potatoes


Tuesday:  Tuscan Chicken with Sautéed veggies


Wednesday:  Cobb Salad


Thursday:  Buffalo Chicken Wraps


April 9, 2019

Life can be very hectic in our household especially during the week so every Saturday morning I sit with my cup of coffee and my MacBook and I figure out what we will be having for meals.  I then go through the pantry, freezer and fridge to see what I need to buy for groceries.  Later that morning after grocery shopping I start doing meal prep – nothing special just cutting up veggies for snack bags, making oatmeal in a jar etc. etc.

Here is our meal plan for this week!  ***Keep in mind I LOVE going to Pinterest to find my recipes***


Baked ham and slow cooker scalloped potatoes



Copy Cat Cheesecake Factory – chicken pasta



Mashed caulitators (I do usually add a potato or 2 depending on the size) & lemon pepper pork chops



Chicken parmesan & spagetti squash

For the spaghetti squash:  I poke holes in it and then put it in the oven on 350 for 1 hour, let cool and then carve it out and enjoy!



Homemade pizza

I will post a quick tutorial on how to make the caulicrust I use which BTW takes like it’s take out crust!


April 7, 2019

As most of you know I suffer from severally herniated discs in my lower back and neck and with the help of the amazing Frederick Family Chiropractic Centre and many other things I have been able to avoid surgery. 💪💪💪

Anyways this morning my lower back started tightening up on me to the point of UH OH if I make the wrong move I’m going to drop like a sack of potatoes. Not wanting to bug my chiropractors on a Sunday I decided to give a little BodyTalk technique called Fast Aid a try.

After 10 mins of doing this technique my back muscles loosened and I was able to move freely. I then did a few extra techniques and I’m now good to go until I am able to get in to see my chiropractors without any worry of injuring myself where I can’t move or worse TEACH my FITNESS CLASSES!

Love being a BodyTalk practitioner and seeing first hand what this amazing modality can do!

April 7, 2019

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned fitness guru or a beginner there are times when you will have sore muscles after a workout. 

I know for myself the first week of classes after we’ve had a bit of a break is always a bit of a muscle kicker.  I usually do not workout during the breaks between class sessions as this is my self care.  But there are still times when even a new round in a class will kick my butt and make me feel it for the next day or so.

My biggest tip would be a hot bath or shower (obviously with your beverage of choice 😘😁) and then stretch out any soreness with either DownDog,



Runner Lunge,

and Child’s Pose with arms.

Start off at 15 secs each side and do that a few times until it feels better then move up your time to say 25/30 secs etc.)

If you are an essential oil person I’ve tried a few combinations but the tried and true one that has never let me or my family down is this one:

10 drops peppermint

10 drops lavender

10 drops copaiba

10 drops PanAway

10 drops of Wintergreen (Optional for those really really bad aches!)

Your choice of carrier oil

Also – DON’T QUIT just because you have sore muscles – this will pass. If you quit each time you have sore muscles the cycle will repeat itself so you are best off just to push through. 😔😎