Quick Morning Workout!

I decided that this year during our summer break from fitness classes I was going to try a few different types of workouts. I like workouts that are quick 30 mins or less when I’m at home as I feel this is the easiest way to fit it into my morning routine.
Anyways I started the 21 Day Tabata Yoga Body Challenge by DailyOM last Thursday. I did Thursday and Friday and then we were busy this weekend so I wasn’t able to get Saturday and Sunday done so I started back with Day 1 today. I’m loving this challenge so far – very quick and in my opinion extremely effective so far. Oh my goodness I can safely say there are some muscles I have been neglecting. 🤪🤪
The instructor Sadie is very easy to follow and the whole workouts are less then 30 mins including a wonderful warm up and cool down with Yoga poses.
Highly recommend this challenge that you can easily pop into your morning routine.

Candace Burkart