Candace focuses her time and energy on her true passions: teaching fitness classes and helping her family and others around her on a more holistic path to happiness and well being through BodyTalk.  Candace’s focus and commitment lie in facilitating optimal health by addressing the root cause of conflict.

Candace Burkart and Family


Like many of us, I have lived a lot of my life with low energy, back pains, digestive problems, mood swings and never really feeling rested no matter how many hours of sleep.  We go about our lives thinking this is the norm and only go to the doctor when it becomes too much for us to handle.

After being diagnosed with herniated discs and a short time after depression, it became very clear to me that I needed to revaluate my personal well-being.  I started by changing my daily fitness and health routine and eventually became a PiYo Live instructor. This decision assisted my physical and mental growth however when I was diagnosed with depression the thought of taking medication for the rest of my life didn’t sit well with me. This is where BodyTalk came into play for me and after a short period of time, I was able to stop taking the medication.  Not only has BodyTalk helped me with my mental-emotional issues but it has also helped me with my chronic back issues which is pretty amazing.

As my healing and personal discovery continue to evolve, so does my passion for helping others.  While there is a lifetime of learning ahead of me, I feel I have valuable information to share with others. I also recognize that there are many factors in what we call health. Nutrition, physical well being, environment, breath work, and our community are just a few of them. When working with clients through fitness and BodyTalk I do my best to address all the aspects of health that I can.  Each of us need a variety of health options in our tool kit and I have created a network of experts whom I am able to refer to in order to provide the best care I can for each of my clients.



  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
    since 2019
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor
    since 2018

Instructor Training

  • PiYo® Live Instructor
    since 2016
  • Insanity® Live Instructor
    since 2017
  • Core De Force Live Instructor
    since 2017
  • POUND®  Instructor
    since 2018
  • HIIT Instructor