BodyTalk in a Nutshell

Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the hidden cause of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors.

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare™

BodyTalk is a whole health care system that helps with pain and stress. It restores communication within the body, the mind, and the environment so your whole body-mind complex can be returned to a state of self-healing.

Eg: When you cut yourself you don’t need to think about sending all the resources to that area where the cut is so that it can start healing. Nope, your body just knows what to do – it has that innate wisdom that internal knowledge that knows OK let’s start healing that cut. The same thing when you get the flu your body automatically knows to initiate the immune system.

We start the session off with looking over the Well-Being form that you would fill out prior to the appointment.  This form outlines your past health history and things you are wanting to work on that are creating difficulty in your everyday life.  I will start off by taking your hand and initiate a technique called muscle testing to acquire yes/no responses. Using this technique along with standard questions and intuition allows YOUR body to guide me to the Priority issue.  In each session, we look at the Whole system (your physical body, mental-emotional body, anything happening within our environment along with any past trauma’s from the moment we are born to right now) BodyTalk considers all of it when looking for the priority to heal.

The only thing needed to heal is observation and that’s really what BodyTalk is all about. It is an awareness based health care system that allows your mind (your brain) to hear what’s at the root cause of your issue and allows it to lay down a new neuro-pathway and in this way your body is able to reset/reprogram.  It’s like rebooting your computer getting rid of the junk that’s causing it to slow down and not work properly.

BodyTalk is a very powerful therapy that can also help with allergies, mental-emotional scars (as you heard from my experience), high blood pressure, menstrual cycles, joint pain, migraines, the list is endless.  Every issue has a root cause that is holding them in place so rather then dismantling a whole brick wall in BodyTalk we are simply going to the bottom level of the wall and pulling out those bricks to allow the body to shift, update and change on its own.

BodyTalk puts the power back into your hands that’s why it’s such an amazing therapy.  Your body can heal itself and you have all the tools you need within you to create that change.  I only assist you in facilitating the process of your self-healing.



• Anxiety, depression
• Blood, lymph and nerve conditions
• Scars that haven’t healed well
• Vaccines side effects
• Headaches, migraines
• Arthritis
• Itchy skin
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Allergies and intolerances
• Joint pain and stiffness
• Parasites, internal and external
• Recovery from illness or surgery
• Hormonal imbalances
• Mental focus/concentration
• Digestive disorders
• Toxicity
• Separation anxiety
• Environmental influences (e.g. money problems, other’s behavior)
• Fungal, bacterial, virus issues
• And much more…


• Surgery
• Shifting home/new job
• Big diet change or poor diet
• Abuse/trauma (emotional/physical)
• Overheating
• Being left alone
• Travel
• Disease / low immunity
• Past memories
• Parasites
• Pollution/toxins in the environment
• Giving birth
• Vaccinations, medications
• Being frightened/teased
• Poor posture
• You name it! The list goes one…

“BodyTalk has been an amazing experience. I didn’t have any real expectations and was completely blown away.”

— Cindy

“She (Candace) is great at it!!”

— Tracy R

“… And it works! Thank you Candace”

— Karen S

“I only woke up once but fell back asleep till my alarm at five. My insides felt light as a feather. I will definitely try this again. Thanks!”

— Anonymous


If you have emotional, physical, or environmental imbalance; I can help!