Can’t Live Without

August 20, 2019

Each Sunday evening at supper we go around the table and talk about our Hi’s and Lo’s for the week. This has been a tradition for many years and I believe is one of the reasons why we have such a close relationship with Goob even when the times weren’t so great. You know teenagers sometimes think they KNOW IT ALL!!!

Anyways Sunday night we were doing Hi/Lo and Goob always goes first, but just as we ended he comes back and says I have one more Hi – the BodyTalk session you did on me this afternoon it really helped with how I have been feeling lately. He continued to say that he has been feeling different lately and just couldn’t figure out what was going on. The BodyTalk session brought up a few emotional aspects that were directly linked to areas of his body that were causing him some discomfort and now he’s feeling like a million bucks!

I knew something was a little off but like any good momma to a teenager you let it go until they are ready to talk about it because well we all know how that all goes when you push!

I’m proud that he listens to his inner self and doesn’t just stuff it down and hope it doesn’t come back up like most of us do – ME INCLUDED for far too many years!

I’m thankful that I’ve added BodyTalk to my families tool kit as it’s a wonderful addition to the already amazing things we do already.


Isn’t it time you added BodyTalk to your tool kit for overall health and well-being??!!

June 2, 2019

I’m not a gourmet chef at all.  When meal planning I pick the easiest and quickest meals possible because I don’t like cooking.  That’s why I love romaine lettuce!  I can guarantee that if you happen to get a look at my grocery list the first item on it will be romaine lettuce.  I buy at least 2 packages each week because it’s such an easy side dish or meal on it’s own.  Bonus it’s loaded with amazing benefits.

Check out Dr. Axes article with all of the benefits and nutritional facts here.

Here are some of the great additions that we commonly use to spruce up this great vege!

  • tomatoes
  • avocados
  • shredded cheese
  • croutons (Costo has a huge bag of parmesan/garlic and they are delicious)
  • breaded chicken strips (again Costco has awesome chicken strips in a 2kg bag)
  • PC tortilla strips (my fav are the chili lime)

Man I could go on forever with this list but you get the idea on how super easy this can be.

April 7, 2019

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned fitness guru or a beginner there are times when you will have sore muscles after a workout. 

I know for myself the first week of classes after we’ve had a bit of a break is always a bit of a muscle kicker.  I usually do not workout during the breaks between class sessions as this is my self care.  But there are still times when even a new round in a class will kick my butt and make me feel it for the next day or so.

My biggest tip would be a hot bath or shower (obviously with your beverage of choice 😘😁) and then stretch out any soreness with either DownDog,



Runner Lunge,

and Child’s Pose with arms.

Start off at 15 secs each side and do that a few times until it feels better then move up your time to say 25/30 secs etc.)

If you are an essential oil person I’ve tried a few combinations but the tried and true one that has never let me or my family down is this one:

10 drops peppermint

10 drops lavender

10 drops copaiba

10 drops PanAway

10 drops of Wintergreen (Optional for those really really bad aches!)

Your choice of carrier oil

Also – DON’T QUIT just because you have sore muscles – this will pass. If you quit each time you have sore muscles the cycle will repeat itself so you are best off just to push through. 😔😎